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Charcoal Basket


Charcoal Basket

The must have for every Kamado Joe fanatic now, executed in stainless steel and with a divider!
Enjoy better, quicker and easier BBQs with this charcoal basket, a trend in the US and is now also available from Kamado Joe! The charcoal basket is made from stainless steel and an be easily placed in the Kamado Joe. It replaces the standard cast-iron coal grate. It ensures better air flow, less maintenance and more comfort when topping up and lighting.
Big Joe
Classic Joe
Classic Joe
Very handy and sturdy Kamado Joe Charcoal Basket from stainless steel!
The basket comes standard with a divider piece to enable an even better division into direct and indirect zones. The divider keeps the charcoal in one half of the basket.
Use this basket in your Classic Joe to replace the standard bottom plate with holes. Thanks to the basket you can no longer have blockages due to small pieces of charcoal. This considerably increases the ease of use. Before lighting, just shake the basket, the ashes fall from the coals into the ash pan and you're done. No more aspook needed and you never have to burn your kamado empty again to get rid of the small pieces of charcoal.
The Kamado Joe coal basket also has hooks that fit into the Flexible Coocking Rack. This allows you to clear the entire inside of your kamado in one movement. Very useful to let your BBQ cool quickly before you have to move it for example.
The basket is made entirely of stainless steel and has a thick bottom for extra long service life.



The removal of ashes and partly used charcoal

Leave the Charcoal Basket in  your Kamado Joe and shake it twice. The ashes and small debris will fall true the basket and into the ash drawer. Just empty the ash drawer and refill with charcoal. The Kamado Joe is now ready for lighting. If you wish to thoroughly clean your Kamado Joe you can also remove the whole basket with the charcoal in it.

Cooling down and transport

To be able to quickly cool down your Kamado Joe for transport or storage you can easily remove the remaining burning charcoal by simply taking the basket out of your BBQ. The use of Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves is necessary. You can dump the burning charcoal in a safe place. If you leave the lid open after removing the charcoal your Kamado Joe will quickly cool down. This ensures that your BBQ, without the burning charcoal, can be stored or transported quickly and easily.

Small charcoal lumps

By shacking the Charcoal Basket the small pieces of charcoal will fall true the rings of the basket. The advantage of this is that the small pieces will not clog the holes like with your standard charcoal griddle would happen. This way optimal airflow is guaranteed. With a Kick Ash Basket  you will never need to burn your charcoal completely to get rid of the small charcoal lumps.

Better ventilation

The Charcoal Basket ensures a small distance between the walls of the firebox and the charcoal. This ensures optimal airflow and thus a better and more even burning of the charcoal. This way you can reach higher temperatures faster. Perfect for cooking steaks and pizzas, but also utterly good for low and slow cooking.