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Pink Butcher Paper 61 cm x 100 cm (10 sheets)

The original Pink Butcher Paper from Oren International!
This Pink Butcher Paper will lift your ribs, brisket and all your BBQ meat to the next level!
Buy a sample and experience it yourself.
Until now, aluminum foil was used to pack your meat during low & slow sessions. This, however, causes some problems, aluminum foil provides an as good as airtight seal so that the meat is steamed and the crispy crust, which you worked on during smoking, becomes soft. Aluminum foil can also contain chemicals that you do not want in your food.
Butcher paper will ensure that the meat can breathe while it remains juicy and does not lose its corky crust. It is also ideal to present your food.
If you want more proof about the wonders of Pink Butcher Paper look it up online, all major well-known BBQ restaurants use Pink Butcher Paper!