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iKamand - BBQ Controller

The iKamand 2.0 BBQ controller from Kamado Joe ensures optimal control of your Kamado Joe.
This version is an upgrade with many improvements including protection against overheating, 2 built-in antennas for better range, ...
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The iKamand of Kamado Joe is a revolutionary BBQ controller that is more than twice as powerful as the current standard controllers. As a result, it is not only usable as a temperature controller but also to quickly get the BBQ on temperature when lighting. He can get your BBQ to 300 ° C in 3 minutes. The controller will be able to measure the temperature in your BBQ but also that of your meat and will forward this information to an application.
This app is another advantage of the iKamand compared to standard BBQ controllers and will have the following options:
- display of BBQ temperature and meat temperature
- WiFi connection
- warning via text message to keep you informed during your Low & Slow BBQ sessions
- a suggested BBQ recipe every day
- connection with the various Kamado Joe social media
- indication of the time needed to cook the different types of meat
- these cooking times are continuously kept up to date on the basis of data collected worldwide via all iKamand users
- the possibility to share your cooking sessions easily via social media
- software updates via application
Included with the iKamand:
  • - iKamand BBQ Controller
  • - 1x BBQ temperature probe
  • - bracket for mounting the BBQ probe on the grid
  • - 1x probe for measuring core temperature of food
  • - slider adapter for attaching iKamand
  • - slider adapter closing lid