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Over Kamado BBQ

Kamado BBQ, your Kamado Joe ceramic grill specialist and BBQ shop!


Kamado BBQ is the first distributor of Kamado Joe ceramic grills in Belgium.

The road I traveled to get there starts with a big passion for food. My father once described this as follows: ‘You life to eat, but I eat to life.’ I could not have put it any better myself! On family get-togethers or weekends with friends I was also always the one to stand behind the grill. What I noticed is that most people (including myself) use an open grill to BBQ, which leads to the necessary problems and restrictions. After the next struggle with a grill filled with pieces of bacon that catch fire I had enough of it and decided to start looking for a better alternative for the standard charcoal or gas grill. A solid portion of investigating on the internet and several BBQ forums lead me to the conclusion that Kamado Joe was the best quality ceramic grill in the market, not even considering their lower prices. To find that it was not yet available in Belgium was as you can imagine quit astonishing for me!

I decided to do something about that!


Why you should choose to buy a ceramic Kamado Joe grill? Just read on!

The Kamado Joe ceramic grill is a wonderfully versatile cooking machine that you can use as a Grill, Pizza Oven, Smoker and low and slow cooker!

We don’t only sell a ceramic grill that you can use to grill to perfection, but you can also bake pizza’s on high temperature with authentic fire wood flavor. It is also perfectly build to be used in your low and slow cooking sessions. You can make Spare Ribs that are so tender they fall of the bone, really juice pulled pork, brisket, picanha… But also there the possibilities of this complete outdoor kitchen don’t stop.

The Kamado joe is also very well suited to serve as a smoker. It can also be used to make quiche, cake, bread, and many sorts of vegetables and fruit. The Kamado Joe ceramic grill is the tool for professionals but also for regular people who enjoy life, good food and who wish to discover new culinary horizons.

The ease of use of the Kamado Joe ceramic BBQ will surprise you, lighting is done by simply placing a fire starter cube on top of the charcoal. It’s just as easy as lighting a gas grill but you keep the fun of making a real fire.

When you are done cooking, close the Kamado Joe and the charcoal will stop burning just like that. This will save you a lot of charcoal which is better for your wallet and for the environment.

The innovative Divide & Conquer system allows you to simultaneously, without switching griddles, cook direct and indirect. You can for example grill your meat whilst simultaneously cooking your vegetables. The handy patented ash drawer makes removing the few left over ashes, that remain after a cook, very easy.

Discover the different Kamado Joe models and many accessories on this site! We like sharing our ‘Passion for Taste!’ with you all! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We love to help you out!

We wish you a lot of cooking, eating and grilling pleasure!