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Onderhoud van uw keramische Kamado Joe BBQ

Check this info and learn how to better maintain your Kamado Joe or other ceramic BBQ. 

Optimal results with your BBQ

IMPORTANT: to do once a year at the minimum

  1. Check if the metal bands are still securely tightened.
    Take an allen key nr. 6 and a wrench nr. 10.
    Check if you feel resistance when you turn the keys. If there is movement tighten the bolts but don’t put too much pressure, overtightening might cause bursts in the ceramic.
  2. Check if the top vent is still fixed ok.                                                                           If not put an extra layer of the gasket on top of the existing gasket
  3. Check if the metal bands are properly centered                                                       If one or more bands are not properly centered loosen the bolts and center them again before retightening.

IMPORTANT: Prevent flashovers

When grilling at high temperatures and closing the kamado flamable gasses can build up inside of the kamado. They can cause a flash over when opening the kmamad the oxygen enters all at once and this causes the flare up.

How to prevent a flashover

  1. Open the bottom and top vent completely and wait 10 seconds
  2. Before opening first lift the lid only 2.5cm high and wait for a couple of seconds before opening completely.

Ash removal

Every now and then the asses  from under the firebox need to be removed. Every Kamado Joe is equipped with a handy ash drawer to remove ashes.     

Instructions for the removal of ashes:

  1. Stir the charcoal in the firebox so all ashes fall down.
  2. Open the lower ventilation vent so you can reach the ash drawer.
  3. Slowly open the ash drawer, take it out and remove the ashes.
  4. Put the empty ash drawer back in the lower ventilation opening. 



Mold can appear in the Kamado Joe when it is left outside for a long period of time and is not used regularly. If moist is left inside the kamado some mold spots can appear on the ceramic inside of the grill.

Mold is very easy to clean (see next chapter about the self-cleaning function of the Kamado Joe.

Never use chlorine or other cleaning products. 

Self-cleaning function of the Kamado Joe

  1. Heat the Kamado Joe to 300°C and let it burn for 30 minutes.
  2. Close it completely and let cool down. When cool you can remove all remaining ashes.

Grilling with common sense.

  • Only use the grill outside or in areas with adapted ventilation.
  • Put the grill on a stable surface.
  • Don’t touch the metal parts of the grill when it’s hot.
  • Make sure you have something on hand for extinguishing flames.
  • Use the suitable BBQ equipment for grilling
  • Don’t weir loos clothes when grilling.
  • Never use lighter fluids or other liquids to light the grill.
  • Only use lump charcoal for grilling (no briquettes or wood)

Wait until the grill has cooled down before moving it.